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Coaching Parents thru the Teenage/Young Adult Years

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More About Coaching

Here is some additional information about how I view my role as coach:

What do you do as my coach?

My job as your life coach and advisor is to assist you to
consistently and exquisitely win in your life. My over-riding
commitment is to do whatever is necessary to coach you to win at
this game called "Parenting your kids through their teens and
early twenties." (I am not saying that parenting is a game. I
have found that by using the same language that is used to
describe sporting games, we are able to get a clearer picture
and plan of action to achieve your goals.) I believe that any
endeavor in life or business can be designed into a winnable
game worth playing. I assist you to design winning game plans
and coach you to win at them. I offer support, encouragement,
provide insights, teach new skills when you need them, and make
sure that you are pointed in the right direction and stay on
track. I have the advantage of having a set of fresh eyes that
are not caught up in your dramas, fears, mind sets, and old
habits. From that vantage point, I am able to provide the
insights and guidance that will give you the tools to steadily,
if not quickly, move towards success.

That's nice, but do you have a method of coaching that you usually use?

My 6 Step Process for Coaching My Clients
To Win at the Games of Life:    

1. Clarify what you are wishing to accomplish to make sure
that the game is winnable and worth playing.
2. Personalize the learning you need to have the skills to master the
game and to develop the strategies, the game plan, to win.
3. Evaluate and enhance your Inner Game. Making sure your beliefs,
feelings, values, and self-talk are not limiting your ability to play and win.
4. Evaluate, Design and/or Adjust the environments that will support your ability to win.
5. Evaluate the progress so that you are able to make the smid-course
corrections necessary to keep you on the winning path.
6. Coach the client to wim!

It is very hard, when you are knee-deep in alligators, to
remember that your original mission - your reason for being
there - was to drain the swamp. It's my job to keep you focused
on the mission (raising your kids exquisitly well) and to assist
you to develop the skills for handling the alligators you
encounter on the way. Not everyone starts with the same set of
skills, especially the "inner game" ones. With a background as a
therapist, a certified hypnotherapist, and a NLP practitioner, I
am quite capable of assisting with those inner game issues. As
we work on designing winning games worth playing and then in
coaching you to achieve the win, I am committed to doing
whatever it take, as your coach, so that you have all the skills
you will need to win. When you win, your kids win and only then
so I, your coach, win.

The Moses Concept

I have observed that most people, myself included, have had a
series of “moses-type*” people in their lives. I like the concept
of Moses. I am sure you are familiar with the biblical story of
Moses. He lead his people out of Egypt and guided them, taught
them the skills they needed, and spiritually advised them as
they traveled through the desert to the Promised Land. Then, for
ethereal reasons (he got on God’s bad side), he was not allowed
to walk through the gates and into the land with them.

Our personal moses* all have these similar characteristics: They
appear for a specific part of our life’s journeys; they guide
us, teach us the skills we need; provide emotional and
possibility spiritual guidance and support but do not walk with
us through the gates to the next phase of our lives. I find that
as a coach, people usually connect with me at a time in their
lives when, to have a “moses*” is just what they need.
*(I am not equating the Sage, Moses with me or anyone else.
That is why it is written with a small "m"
I just am usuing the story as an analogy.)

To paraphrase the ancient saying of “When the student is ready,
the teacher appears,” I have found that when soon-to-be clients
are ready for a coach, we somehow meet. Since you are checking
out my website, you are probably ready for coaching. Please feel
free to contact me by e-mail ( to set
up a free 1/2 hour phone coaching consultation where we can
explore the possibilities of my being your coach.

Do you coach other folks besides parents?

As is every profession, it is hard to be all things for all
peoples' needs. I only coach people in games that I have
personally played. These are areas of coaching where I do
wonders with clients. My forte, as a coach, is working with:

  • People in recovery (catching up on the life skills lost or
    never learned due to their addictions and what to move onward
    and upword in their lives)
  • People in transition (careers, jobs, relationships)
  • People in the entertainment industry (self confidence, stage fright,
    dealing with other industry types)
  • People wanting better relationships (communication skills for
    personal and business relationships)
  • People living "sort-of" exquisite lives (who would like to evolve them
    into a totally exquisite ones.)


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