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Welcome to My World of Successful Parenting

If you can relate to at least some of the quotes at the top of
the home page or similar ones, this site is for you. You will win
this parenting game with me as your coach. Of all the areas that
I am qualified to coach, I am most qualified to coach parents of
teens and early 20s. For the past 35 years I have run youth programs
and personally counseled most parents' worst two-legged nightmares,
many who had run away from home or whose parents prayed would
do so. I also raised, as a single parent, my own son plus 13 teenage foster
sons so I know the parenting game, well.

To get a pilot’s license, one must take extensive training,
including lots of practice handling emergencies and pass a test.
To become a parent, a far more difficult venture than piloting a
plane, there are no courses to take, no training and practice
handling emergency situations and no test, just a natural act
with a creative result. Most of us, including me with my first
foster kid, parent our kids like we were parented (or the
opposite, if we thought our’s could have been better). The
problem is one approach fits all parenting is destined for
failure and not wanting to fail our kids and seeing it happen is
a desperately depressing experience.

I had a slight advantage having been a University trained
therapist with experience working with kids on their own in
their environment (the streets). There were many times that I
had wished there was a manual for parenting teens, there weren’t
or someone to whom I could turn to coach me through. Other than
my Mother, whose advice was not too useful, there was no one. In
most situations I was forced to innovate. Thank God, most of my
innovating worked and when it didn’t I quickly innovated again.
Not a great way to raise kids. I would have given anything to
have a good coach.

Thirteen kids and one adopted son later, with much study on the
subject along the way, here I am to coach you so you can
effectively parent your teenager through that minefield
called adolescence. Briefly, as your coach, I will do whatever
it takes to assist you (and your partner, spouse, significant
other, if any) to be the best parents for your kid(s). We will
focus in and clarify what the real problems and issues are. I
will, when necessary, suggest new parenting skills so you need
not reinvent the wheel. We will co-create workable solutions and
I will assist you to work through your feelings and beliefs that
are possibly sabotaging your best intentions. Along the way, we
will assess how well our plans are working and make the
necessary adjustments to the game plan to insure success. A full
general discussion of my concept of what coaches do can be found
by clicking here.


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